Rua Senhor do Bonfim 06,

Itapuã, Cep: 41610-600,

Salvador- BA


Tel: (71) 3249-0226 – (71) 8895-4837


About Itapuã

Until the early 1950s, Itapuã used to be a remote and bucolic village along a small curve of the Atlantic coast of Salvador. Its inhabitants used to live from the sea, and from the abundant coconuts, mangos, guavas, and tamarindos around. Not slowly, this lifestyle started to change, and within a few decades, Itapuã was swallowed by eventual urban sprawl. It grew into a very crowded, complex and polluted neighborhood of Salvador.
This area is still beautiful in places for those who cannot compare it to what it was. Hidden from the beautiful beaches are the hilly and narrow alleyways, where people live in crowded single rooms, or in improvised shelters on the street; where gunshots are fired at night and police activity is frequent; where its children are exposed to a life amidst an increasing culture of drugs and crime, obscuring its once unique and rich local culture.
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